What is Universal Design and Why Should You Care about It?

The Universal Design in 2016 is a broad and diverse initiative. The common thread that binds the projects in this year is the aspiration for universal design for all, from students to employees to environments.

This article aims at discussing the pros and cons of Universal Design. Let’s discuss what they are, by going through a few examples of UI elements that can be made accessible with Universal Design!

The Universal Design 2016 is the only design event in India that focuses on inclusive design. It is designed by professionals for SMEs and entrepreneurs to get new insights on how they can use universal design principles in their business or product.

This year, the conference features panel discussions on how to use universal design principles in various product categories, UX/UI frameworks for universal design, building an accessible website, and marketing your products to people with disabilities.

Universal Design 2016 will also feature an exhibition of companies that are already using universal design principles in their products or services. Attendees will be able to interact with these companies while getting hands-on experience on how they can implement some of these strategies into their own businesses.

The conference will be held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

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