What is a Universal Design project?

Universal Design is an operating concept that ensures that people of all abilities can interact with the environment, equipment and systems in a way that equitably meets their needs.

Designers are increasingly considering Universal Design principles in their design work.

When we think about universal design, we should not just be thinking about the physical environment. We should also be considering the digital environment. We need to make sure that our products and services are not just accessible to people who have disabilities, but are also accessible to people who are using devices with different screen sizes, operating systems, etc.

Universal design can help us create a more inclusive society where everyone has equal access to the same opportunities.

Universal Design is about making things that work well for as many people as possible. We all deserve to be able to share in the joy and possibilities of the things we make.

This year, we’re looking at two major areas:

1) The benefits of designing for a diverse set of people and

2) How to move forward with designing and using inclusive technology.

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